Scrap Metal Recycling

Whether your Brownsville company wants to become more "green" or you're looking for another income stream, Brownsville scrap metal recycling plays an important role in diverting ferrous and non-ferrous materials from the waste stream.
Before you throw it away, consider recycling. Our Brownsville scrap metal recycling service recovers metal from old cars, trucks, and buses as well as provides Brownsville businesses with comprehensive metal recycling programs and bins.

We provide the following scrap metal recycling services:

  • Scrap metal pickup and recovery
  • Waste and recycling audits for Brownsville businesses
  • Accurate, certified scales
  • Fair prices paid for your scrap metal
  • Comprehensive recycling services including aluminum, copper, steel, iron, brass, metal alloys, nickel, gold, silver, stainless steel, and more.

We offer a number of commercial recycling programs in Brownsville, Texas including:

  • School and civic recycling programs in Brownsville, TX
  • Commercial scrap metal recycling programs for businesses
  • Pickup of scrap metal
  • Onsite container service

Did you know that you can turn your scrap metal into cash? While something may look like junk to your untrained eye, it could be worth more than you thought possible due to the value of its metal components. Even chips of metal from a machine shop's floor are valuable! No matter what type of scrap metal you may have, it's likely recyclable. Best of all, there's likely a paying market for that recycled metal. As a Brownsville scrap metal recycling company, we act as the middleman between businesses and residents with scrap metal and consumers who need recycled metal for their products. Do your part for the environment and turn your scrap metal into cash at the same time with our Brownsville scrap metal recycling service.